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To determine the origin (local vs. circulating) of tumor associated fibroblasts, a parabiotic pair of mice was created where only one mouse expressed EGFP under the control of the type I collagen alpha-1 promoter (COL-EGFP), and the other mouse expressed DsRed ubiquitously. On each mouse of the parabiotic pair, MC38-Cerulean cancer cells were injected on the distal flank. This folder contains images from the tumor grown in the COL-EGFP mouse, freshly explanted and analyzed ex vivo. The blue channel shows cancer cells, the red channel shows DsRed cells, the green channel shows COL-EGFP+ fibroblasts. Image name: 110613 COLEGFP tumor side 63x means 25x water.lif - 3 Project: 20389

Technical Details

Mice were euthanized and tumors were freshly explanted. 1-2 mm thick sections were cut at different depths and kept in PBS during the imaging session. Fluorescent confocal microscopy was done using a Leica SP5 II TCS tandem scanner 2-photon spectral confocal microscope with XY motorized stage, using a 25X/NA 0.95 water lens from Leica.

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Mus musculus
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MC38-Cerulean cancer cells
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Ainhoa Arina
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confocal microscopy