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Transmission electron micrograph of the periphery of an atria mouse cardiac muscle. This micrograph shows how rich cardiac tissue is with mitochondria reflecting its greater dependence on cellular respiration for ATP. Interspersed within the mitochondria are lipid droplets which have been found to play an important role as energy source as well. The Sarcoplasmic Reticulum consists of a consistent three-dimensional tubular system at the cells periphery and functions mainly to store large amounts of calcium ions which are sequestered until stimulated by an electrical impulse.

Technical Details

Primary fixation included: 2.5 % glutaraldehyde, 2% formaldehyde in 0.1 M Na-phosphate buffer, pH 7.4. Post-fixed in 2% OSO4 in 0.1 M Na-phosphate buffer, pH 7.4. Stained en bloc in 1% uranyl acetate. The tissue was then dehydrated in a graded series of ethanol and infiltrated with Spurr’s resin. Thin sections of 70 nm were trimmed using a diamond knife and post-stained in uranyl acetate and lead citrate. This micrograph image was taken using a Phillips CM 100 transmission electron microscope at an accelerating voltage of 80kV.

Biological Sources
NCBI Organism Classification
Mus musculus
Cell Type
cardiac muscle cell
Cellular Component
sarcoplasmic reticulum
lipid particle
Biological Context
Biological Process
atrial cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis
Dee Lauzon
Sue Lancelle
Marian Rice
Mount Holyoke College
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Archival Resource Key (ARK)
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Image Type
recorded image
Image Mode
transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
Parameters Imaged
electron density
Source of Contrast
differences in adsorption or binding of stain
Visualization Methods
uranyl salt
lead salt
Processing History
unprocessed raw data
Sample Preparation
glutaraldehyde fixed tissue
formaldehyde fixed tissue
ethanol dehydration
tissue in epoxy resin embedment
Relation To Intact Cell
sectioned tissue
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X 1120px ——
Y 1846px ——