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Montage of 16 adjacent and overlapping fields of living bone marrow derived macrophages imaged by phase contrast light microscopy. These cells are highly motile. Cells can be viewed interacting over a large field and specific details can be resolved at the resolution limit of light microscopy. For instance, lamella and ruffles are active where the cells are protruding. Phase dense organelles are visible inside the volumes of the cells.

Technical Details

Cells were extracted from a mouse femur and plated in a coverslip bottom well (MatTek) in standard culture media. The Olympus IX 71 microscope had a simple heated stage. Cells were imaged with a 60X N.A. 1.4 phase 3 planapo objective with a Cooke Sensicam QE operated by IP Lab software running on a Dell Windows XP computer. This picture was composed from 16 independent images using the automerge function of Photoshop CS2. The original 12 bits grayscale images were converted to 8 bits and some of the pixels are saturated.

Biological Sources
NCBI Organism Classification
Mus musculus
Cell Type
Cell Line
Cellular Component
ruffle membrane
Biological Context
Biological Process
cell motility
Mouse Gross Anatomy
Michael Cammer
Dianne Cox
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Archival Resource Key (ARK)
Grouping This image is part of a group.
Image Type
recorded image
Image Mode
phase contrast microscopy
Parameters Imaged
elastic scattering of photons
Source of Contrast
differences in amount of elastic light scattering
Visualization Methods
visualization of contiguous regions
Processing History
Data Qualifiers
processed data
suitable for spatial measurements
Sample Preparation
living tissue
Relation To Intact Cell
dispersed cells in vitro
Spatial Axis Image Size Pixel Size
X 3090px 0.11µm
Y 3938px 0.11µm