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Figs. 305 & 306 from Don Fawcett's Chapter 12: Centrioles show a cross section though centrioles. The radially symmetrical periodic structures were intensified by rotating and averaging the images. The cross section of a centriole at the upper left has been intensified by summation of fractional exposures through nine steps of rotation to produce the image at the upper right. This accentuates the hub-and-spokes pattern of densities in the interior of the centriole. The cross section of a centriole stained with tannic acid in the lower figure shows the protofilaments of the triplets in negative image. Like other microtubules, the wall of subunit, which is the innermost ring of the triplets, a has 13 tubulin protofilaments, while the outer two rings each have 10. Although the dimensions of the hub are similar to those of a microtubule, no protofilaments are detectable in its wall. Please see CID 11558 for further description.

Biological Sources
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unknown eukaryote
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eukaryotic cell
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Biological Process
centriole organization
cytoplasmic microtubule organization
Don W. Fawcett
Etienne de Harven
Vitauts Kalnins
ISBN 0721635849
Fawcett The Cell
Chapter 12 PDF
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transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
illumination by electrons
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detection of electrons
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electron density
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stain with broad specificity
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stain with broad specificity
osmium tetroxide
uranyl salt
lead salt
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recorded image
Print from negative scanned for Photoshop.
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processed data
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